Make Your Own Popsicles

Use These Nifty Popsicle Molds to Make Your Own Homemade Popsicles!

You remember it, I bet. image of popsicles in bowl of ice

 You remember how magically fun it was to get a popsicle treat on a hot summer’s day.

You remember the sheer joy of admiring the frosty, colorful beauty of that frozen treat.

You remember holding that popsicle stick in your sweaty little hand, and enjoying the sensation of the super-chilled air cascading off that ‘sicle and over your skin. 

 And most of all, you remember the pure delight of taking that first sweet, icy taste of your popsicle. What was your favorite flavor? Cherry, strawberry, grape or some exotic flavor combo?

 Whatever the flavor, wasn’t it heavenly? Nothing like a popsicle on a sweltering summer’s day!

 Of course, popsicles are great treats for people of all ages. And anytime of the year, too. But they’re extra special in the summertime. They’re a traditional part of summer just like baseball and the Fourth of July.

 For this summer, why not make your own homemade popsicles?

 It’s easy, you’ll save money, and the unique flavors you’ll enjoy will only be limited by your imagination. Your kids (and you!) will be able to enjoy popsicles anytime you want (no more endless waiting for the melodious chimes of the ice cream truck; no more running out of popsicles until the next trip to the store).

 And you’ll know exactly what’s in your popsicles. No worries about unpronounceable chemicals or preservatives. You can make your popsicles tasty AND healthy!

In case you haven’t checked in awhile, there’s lots of nifty, easy-to-use popsicle molds available. I’ll be describing the best of them to you right here on this website. Just pick one out and start cranking out popsicles!

Stay Cool!

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